Kenzie D​og Sitting Service - Company Message
DOGS 2015 continued
27th - 28th May 2015 Otis and Lottie from Balmaclellan
29th May 2015 Breck from Dalry
1st - 5th June
12th - 16th June
17th - 18th June 2015 Tia from Tyne and Wear
19th - 28th June 2015 Breck from Dalry
 28th June - 9th July 2015 Otis and Lottie from Balmaclellan
 14th July - 19th July 2015 Breck from Dalry                                                
20th July - 25th July 2015 Jodie from Corsock
27th July - 5th August 2015 Breck from Dalry
6th August - 8th August 2015 Molly and Bertie from Thornhill
 10th August - 17th August 2015 Breck from Dalry
 18th August - 22nd August 2015 Bob and Molly from Glenlee
 23rd August - 31st August 2015 Breck from Dalry
5th September - 15h September 2015 Breck from Dalry
  17th September - 20th September 2015 Lottie and Otis from Balmaclellan
22nd September - 3rd October 2015 Molly and Bertie from Thornhill
7th October - 13th October 2015 Sid from New Galloway
10th November - 20th November 2015 
 Jodie from Corsock. 
  11th December  - 12th December 2015 Lottie and  Otis from Balmaclellan 
   23rd December - 24th December 2015 AJ from Huddersfield. 
 31st December - 1st January 2016 Jodie and Tagor from Corsock                        
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