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DOGS 2017 continued
Otis and Lottie from Glenlee 7th April - 16th April 2017
Monty from Wigtown 21st April - 24th April 2017
Otis and Lottie from Glenlee 1st May - 2nd May 2017 
Montana and Cody from Castle Douglas 5th May - 6th May 2017 
 Taz and Jax from Dalry 13th May - 14th May 2017
  Nell from Castle Douglas 15th May - 19th May 2017
  Sally and Jack from Dalry 25th May - 31st May 2017
   Taz and Jax from Dalry 8th June - 12th June 2017
    Molly and Bertie from Thornhill 20th June - 29th June 2017

    Monty from Wigtown 9th July - 18th July 2017

    Mocha from Kirkcudbright 5th August - 6th August 2017

    Owen and Maggie from Prestwick 5th Sept - 21st Sept 2017

    Charlie from Castle Douglas 28th Oct - 2nd Nov 2017
     Duke from Wigtown 2nd Dec - 3rd Dec 2017

     Tagor and Jodie from Corsock 8th Dec - 10th Dec 2017
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