Kenzie D​og Sitting Service - Company Message

Caring for your dog in my home when you are away.One to one attention at all times.
Your dog is never left alone.
There are no other dogs in my house whilst looking after yours.
Above are photos' of some of the dogs I've had in my care.
My name is Paul. I live on my own at 11 Kirkland Street, St John's Town Of Dalry, in a bungalow with secure gardens. That is me in the picture with my dog Kenzie, who sadly passed away August 2013, he'll be waiting at Rainbow Bridge.
I have completed an SRUC Animal Care course.
I have successfuly passed all 11 units; 1: Provide Feed and Water to Animals. 2: Maintain Animal Accommodation. 3: Health and Safety. 4: Moving Animals; 5: Training Animals; 6: Develop Personal Performance. 7: Health and Well-being of Animals. 8; Goods and Materials Storage. 9: Exercising Animals. 10; The theory of preparing and grooming Animals. 11; Dealing with Information.

£18 - 24hrs 1 dog
£27 - 24hrs 2 dogs (same household)
£40 - 24hrs 3 dogs (same household)

Telephone : 07516228969 / 07776072865


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